Are you looking for more connection with your pet?

Are you wanting to connect with your pet that has crossed over?

Are you wanting to know why your pet is doing a certain behavior?

Are you wanting to know how your pet is feeling?

Are you wanting to know what your pet here wants you to know?

Are you wanting to know what your pet in spirit wants you to know?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please join me on 6-22-23 at 6pm PST for  “Your Pet Connection” where I will be tuning in to messages from your fur family here and in spirit. This will be done via Zoom and is limited to 6 participants, each person that tunes in will get a message from their pet that is here or in spirit. The cost is $22, click below to sign up, the Zoom link will be sent out the morning of  6-22-23. Looking forward to connecting with you and your fur family.


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