So, who is ready for some guidance and wisdom from your animal spirit guide of 2024? Are you looking for some extra support and guidance in this new year? Would you love to know what animal in nature is there offering you some wisdom and support in this upcoming year that is guiding you with nudges of support and love? Animal of the year reading similar to a word of the year instead this will be an animal in nature that is there guiding you in this new year. What you will get is a personalized message with what animal will be working with you in 2024 this animal will be intuitively picked by me for you, you will get your message via a voice recording with what this animal will be helping you with. You will also get a color that will help you in 2024 and help you work with your animal of the year. You will also get a personal affirmation that will help to keep you connected to your animal and color of the year. A document with your animal and color I picked for you will also be emailed to you, to connect you to the general meaning of your animal and color of the year. These readings will be sent directly to your inbox and will be sent to the email that comes from your paypal payment unless you put in the note section a different email you would like it to go to. The cost of these readings is $44. Your reading will be sent to you within 72 hours.  This also is a fantastic gift for friends or loved ones. So excited to get started on these readings, to give you some extra support in this new year. Who is ready to soar into 2024 with some extra guidance and support?

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